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Tulsi Vatika offers Senior Citizens and families, who are unable to render better physical services to their elders, a beautiful retirement life with all comforts. Built within a serene living space, Tulsi Vatika has all the features that you would want: prompt housekeeping services, timely fresh and healthy choices of food, round the clock medical assistance and a number of other features, that will let you cherish your old age with dignity and joy.
At Tulsi Vatika, residents are on a permanent Holiday and have all the time to indulge in their favourite pastimes, without having to bother about daily household chores. They will experience retirement in like a Resort.
Tulsi Vatika is a life away from the palpitations of cities yet not too far away from the city, created amidst serene environs of lush greens, offering refreshing vistas of terrains and clouds. At Tulsi Vatika, from the air you breathe to the water you drink, everything is pristine. You dwell in a modern hermitage that has all the comforts of urban lifestyle. So, while you cherish your living comforts, the tranquil surrounding will keep your senses enlivened, and mind, sober and calm.
TULSI has been building up Tulsi Vatika, keeping the needs of the senior citizens' as the primary focus to ensure residents a well deserved peaceful retired life.

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Donate to TULSI



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